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Solar Panels

If you are looking to generate clean and renewable energy from the solar power then we can help you to get the right system at the right cost.

You first decision is if you wish to generate either solar electricity or if you would like to generate solar hot water as each of these require different types of solar panels but do not worry as we are here to assist and advise you on right solar power system. Of course if you wish to make the most of solar power you can have both systems fitted giving you the maximum benefits.

Solar Electricity

This is the form of solar energy generation that most people readily recognise as it uses solar cells that convert sun light into electricity, these cells can then be joined together to form the arrays that are solar panels. The levels of electricity that can be generated varies depending on the size and quality of the solar photovoltaic panels and with the levels of light the panels are exposed to (Solar panels only requires daylight not direct sunlight). To find out more please look at our dedicated Solar Photovoltaic Panels Page.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems are the second form of solar energy that you can generate at home. These use the much simpler idea of using the free solar power of the sun to heat hot water that can then be further heated to your required temperature within the water cylinder. Using this type of solar hot water system can significantly reduce your homes heating bills. To find out more about go to Solar Hot Water.


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Customer Reviews
  • I have to say it has been a pleasure dealing with your business all the way from sales to the installation team. Well done.

    - Mr and Mrs Middleton

  • I'd like to thank you all for being so friendly, helpful and efficient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your work.

    - Mrs Takeuchi

  • The quote given was competitive, information was given quickly and was easy to understand. On the installation day the team came on time and worked with minimum noise, no damage to my property and cleared up all the debris. They worked with professionalism and perfection. I would recommend them to other people.

    - Mr Dimabuyu

  • Having contacted Super Solar to discuss the fitting of a photovoltaic system, I was always very impressed with the personal service and their ability to answer all my queries and questions (of which there were many) and the professional manner in which the fitting and the commissioning of the system were carried out.

    - Mr and Mrs Mackenzie

  • I would like to state that I have been very pleased with both your efficient presentations and communications and the installation staff. I appear to have an efficient system with good guarantees of reliability. You can't ask for more.

    - Mr Mikhail

  • Thank you and all of your staff for the excellent job that you have done for us. We are very, very pleased with the installation and very much impressed with the professionalism of your entire operation. It is heart warming watching that meter go backwards.

    - Mr Bentham

  • I was very impressed with the team who were very courteous and polite. I would not hesitate to recommend your installation and workmanship to any of my neighbours.

    - Mr He

  • Great, thank you. More than happy with the job you guys did too by the way, very nice.

    - Mr Warner

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